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Ashbury's Aromatherapy is a worldwide supplier of pure, unadulterated therapeutic quality essential oils, carrier oils, bottles, containers and closures, body care products, aromatherapy decoder wheels, diffusers and Dead Sea salts.

Ashbury's is your one-stop aromatherapy shop... for the novice, seasoned aromatherapist and practitioner, health centre & retail outlet.

We look forward to helping you with all your aromatherapy needs!

Product Features
Champa 10ml

[Michelela champaca]

This delightful, sweet, delicate, floral scent is a special blend of Champa, Basil & Jasmine. Use to relieve anxiety, depression & fatigue. Also helpful for reducing fever, swelling & pain associated with arthritis. Blood purifier. 

Champa 10ml
Our price: $27.99 Detail Buy Now

Deodorant Liquid 120ml
Our deodorant is aluminum free. It does not block pores as do anti-persperants. It allows the skin to breathe and kills odour causing bacteria.

It is a natural product.

Deodorant Liquid 120ml
Our price: $7.99 Detail Buy Now

Eucalyptus (Glob) 10ml

[Eucalyptus globulus]

A strong medicinal fragrance that aids concentration. Used in a number of respiratory remedies. Effective antibacterial/cough suppressant/expectorant. Its anti-viral properties help fight colds, flu & ease breathing, headaches, muscular aches and pains. Apply to burns and cuts. Has been used to treat malaria.

Eucalyptus (Glob) 10ml
Our price: $9.99 Detail Buy Now

AromaShell Electric Diffuser for the Home

AromaShell Electric Diffuser for the Home
Our price: $41.99 Detail Buy Now

1 x Eucalyptus (Glob) 10ml
1 x Champa 10ml
1 x AromaShell Electric Diffuser for the Home
1 x Deodorant Liquid 120ml
1 x Blue Cosmo Ovals 120ml/4oz (20-410)
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01.Black Cap w/din non T/E (18mm)
02.White Mister (20-410)
03.Amber Bottle 10ml (18mm)
04.Amber Bottle 5ml (18mm)
05.Blue Cosmo Ovals 60ml/2oz (20-410)
06.Blue Cosmo Ovals 120ml/4oz (20-410)
07.Black Cap w/din T/E (18mm)
08.White Lock Top (20-410)
09.Diffuser Mix - Relax 5ml
10.Clear Vial w/rollon White Cap 10ml (1/3oz)