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Ashbury's Aromatherapy is a worldwide supplier of pure, unadulterated therapeutic quality essential oils, carrier oils, bottles, containers and closures, body care products, aromatherapy decoder wheels, diffusers and Dead Sea salts.

Ashbury's is your one-stop aromatherapy shop... for the novice, seasoned aromatherapist and practitioner, health centre & retail outlet.

We look forward to helping you with all your aromatherapy needs!

Product Features
Deodorant Liquid 120ml
Our deodorant is aluminum free. It does not block pores as do anti-persperants. It allows the skin to breathe and kills odour causing bacteria.

It is a natural product.

Deodorant Liquid 120ml
Our price: $7.99 Detail Buy Now

Champa 10ml

[Michelela champaca]

This delightful, sweet, delicate, floral scent is a special blend of Champa, Basil & Jasmine. Use to relieve anxiety, depression & fatigue. Also helpful for reducing fever, swelling & pain associated with arthritis. Blood purifier. 

Champa 10ml
Our price: $27.99 Detail Buy Now

Eucalyptus (Glob) 10ml

[Eucalyptus globulus]

A strong medicinal fragrance that aids concentration. Used in a number of respiratory remedies. Effective antibacterial/cough suppressant/expectorant. Its anti-viral properties help fight colds, flu & ease breathing, headaches, muscular aches and pains. Apply to burns and cuts. Has been used to treat malaria.

Eucalyptus (Glob) 10ml
Our price: $9.99 Detail Buy Now

AromaShell Electric Diffuser for the Home

AromaShell Electric Diffuser for the Home
Our price: $41.99 Detail Buy Now

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01.Black Cap w/din non T/E (18mm)
02.White Mister (20-410)
03.Amber Bottle 10ml (18mm)
04.Amber Bottle 5ml (18mm)
05.Blue Cosmo Ovals 60ml/2oz (20-410)
06.Blue Cosmo Ovals 120ml/4oz (20-410)
07.Black Cap w/din T/E (18mm)
08.White Lock Top (20-410)
09.Diffuser Mix - Relax 5ml
10.Clear Vial w/rollon White Cap 10ml (1/3oz)