Why Shop With Ashbury’s

Ashbury’s, which is a division of Colour Energy is a family owned business. Most products are made in British Columbia, Canada. We strive to support local and Canadian suppliers in our production.

Our essential oils are pure, therapeutic grade with no chemicals or preservatives. They are internationally sourced and meet the highest quality standards as determined by our experienced team of Aromatherapists. Certificates of Analysis & MSDS sheets available upon request.

Ashbury’s Aromatherapy was founded in 1988 & Colour Energy in 1993. Both companies have been industry leaders in manufacturing high quality colour and aromatherapy wellness products by sourcing only the best oils from around the world.

Low minimum order of $200, flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders over $500 wholesale or $99 retail.

We offer significant savings when purchasing your products in bulk. When purchasing our sweet orange oil we offer the 250ml for only $3 more than the 30ml. That’s over 8 x the quantity for an extra $3.00!

Do you need your order in a hurry? When you shop at Ashbury’s we can process your order on the same day it was placed to make sure that you get your products as soon as possible. If you live locally, you can even pick up your order at our warehouse!

We have a toll free support line and online chat feature to connect you with our expert team who can answer your questions quickly and help guide you to find the best products for your needs. We also provide our customers with educational support & even social media posts for product promotion. 

Ashbury’s Aromatherapy and Colour Energy’s concept is to educate and provide people with products they can use to tap into the power of colour and improve their general well-being-body, mind & soul. We supply our customers with support literature, monthly newsletters & brochures. Attend one of our colour workshops or consider our correspondence courses for distance education.

What Makes Ashbury’s Unique?

We are the only aromatherapy company on the market that connects essential oils to the body, mind & spirit with a colour-coded concept!

All of Ashbury’s Aromatherapy oils are lab tested to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Ashbury’s guarantees all their oils surpass the normal aromatherapy standards!

Quality that you can trust! Colour Energy is the world leader of colour vibrational products which allows access to hundreds of other energetic, chakra and holistic products through the various divisions of the company such as: ChakraCompany, Chromalive, Biopulsar-Reflexograph technology & The Dragonfly.

We offer hundreds of uniquely formulated products that incorporate colour therapy, gemstones, sacred geometry, planetary alignment & alchemy essences. We also carry a complete line of therapy tools that include: music therapy, light therapy, colour therapy glasses plus many educational charts and tools.

Our chakra-coded products are a wonderful concept because they allow the user to experience more of a “totality” than just using one oil. Each of our colour-coded blends correlates with the body’s main chakra centres and by only using oils of the same colour frequency it amplifies the power and effect for the user.

Did you know that Ashbury’s Aromatherapy offers private branding on all of our products? By having your own unique and diverse line of products, you will set yourself and your business apart from the competition. Private branding is ideal for both large and small businesses as we have a low minimum order of just 12 units per product to get started. See our Private Branding section of the website for more information.

Our talented team of Aromatherapists are available to help you in the creation of your own signature scents and products. Developing a unique line of wellness products can give you that competitive edge and will encourage repeat business. See our Private Branding section of the website for more information.

How to Determine the Quality of Essential Oils

plays a key role in an oil’s quality. While it is possible to grow plants in several different countries, the country of origin plays a significant role in the oil grade. The reason why different countries produce different quality plant products is because the soil and climate conditions are more suitable to some plants than others in different parts of the world. Plants tend to flourish in their natural country of origin, and even the altitude at which a plant is grown can have a substantial impact on the properties of its oil.

varies among countries, currently there is no reliable certification for international organic quality. It is best to use oils made from plants grown on farms in a country where the plant flourishes because they will have a certain degree of natural resistance to the native pests and will not require pesticides to survive.

affects the percentage and proportions of various chemical constituents in the plant and therefore the quality of the oil will differ depending on when the plant is harvested. Distillation should occur immediately after harvest, some essential oils are harvested just after the full moon when the sap is high, but the energy has just turned downward.

can affect the quality. Most oils are not affected by the passage of time; however, citrus oils suffer from a decrease in quality over time and should always be as fresh as possible.

Also influences the oil’s quality. A true “essential oil” by definition should be steam distilled, except citrus oils which are typically cold pressed. While select oils may be CO2 extracted, oils that are chemically extracted may contain traces of solvent residues.

High heat distillation is done to yield more oil in a shorter time span. This process produces a lower quality oil that can be sold at a lower price. Beware of below market value aromatherapy products or when all essential oils are the same price Ie: rose versus orange oil, which are clear indicators of commercial grade quality.

All quality essential oils should be bottled in dark glass bottles and stored in a cool dry place with minimal exposure to light. This will prevent essential oils from degrading over time while keeping oils smelling fresh and their potency high.