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Chakra Blends & Pure Mixes


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Luxury for mind, body and soul.

Each essential oil pure mix and blend is colour-coded to correlate with the body’s main chakra centres. A synergy blend’s purpose is to take like-minded oils and put them together to increase or intensify a desired effect.

  • Our essential oil blends are in a base of jojoba oil and can be applied directly to the skin

  • Pure mixes have no carrier oil and are blended with other essential oils

  • Therapeutic blends have been formulated to target specific symptoms

  • Colour your mood blends & mixes are formulated to support the body, mind & spirit

Our blends and mixes can be purchased as either a pure essential oil mix (no carrier oil) or as a blend mixed in jojoba oil. These unique blends have been created by our team of aromatherapy and colour experts!

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“Your body’s chakras are the key to your health and a happy life.”.

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